Location Fornach

Successful Story

Certification of the company EN ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental management TÜV)

Increasing the degree of automatisation at Fornach.
CNC- and 5 axis centers with loading robot and expansion of mechanical production.

The production capacities were expanded as planned by 30,000 h in the mechanical divisions, and the further production chain was enlarged correspondingly.
The claim "Quality has a name - Scharmueller" has a first-class framework in the Vöcklamarkt and Fornach plants.
The solar facade of the newly placed loading zone supports the efforts to save resources.


The production capacity in the material removing area will be increased by 24.000h Our apprentices score with awards. Novelties at the Agritechnica will be shown; emergency release for balers and a 3-point pulling system for the drawbar beam hole pattern 160x160mm. Certification of the company ÖNORM EN ISO 3834-3 and EN 15085-2

The expansion is completed, a new welding line and paint shop going into operation as scheduled.

130 people are employed in Austria in both plants.
Begin of planning for the stage of expansion, stage 4 in Fornach.

In plant Fornach the expansion stage 3 starts witch will increase the production area to 11.000 m² production area.
It creates space for an entirely new welding line with improved and new technologies.
New patents are registered.

Ms. Christine Scharmüller (29) and Mr. Josef Scharmüller (27) get appointed as additional managing directors.
Expansion of export activities. The offer for coupling systems and towing eyes continues to grow.

Expansion of the main factory in Vöcklamarkt, particular in energy and environmental investments.
The coupling system program is growing, also the towing eye program.

Relocation of mechanical production and management of the factory Fornach.
Beginning of the second stage in Fornach, completion in August 2008.

Start of building factory Fornach.
At approximately 35.000m² green area a modern production plant is built.

Scharmüller Switzerland AG is founded to meet the high demands and the market position in Switzerland.

Scharmüller K80® system certified to ISO 24347!
Scharmüller has the world's larges towing eye program and the technical advantage of beeing the inventor of K80® ball coupling.

Market launch Scharmüller Forced steering system K50.

81 employees – the K80® system developed in 1996 starts to establish in the market.
Many OEM´s take K80® drawbars in their program after technical cooperation with Scharmüller.

72 employees - The towing eye program already includes more than 100 items!
Mr. Josef Scharmüller jun. starts an apprenticeship as a mechanical engineer.

The consistently developed K80® Ball Coupling System will be presented at the Agritechnica in Hannover.
Numerous patents have been granted.
A complete protection was renounced to the product to provide a worldwide market access.

Start of development of K80® Ball Coupling System.
Numerous suggestions made by Scharmüller ensure changes in official bodies.
e.g. Approval of the "Pitonfix", permission for Pick-Up Hitch over 40km/h,
combined labeling of connecting devices. Ms. Christine Scharmüller starts apprenticeship as an office clerk.

K80® project is ready for production, field tests are evaluated with fantastic results.
Certification of the company according to ISO 9001 (TÜV).

Josef and Erika Scharmüller take over a modern facility with 17 employees.

Creation of combinations. This system allowed the integration of Pick-Up Hitch,
Drawbar, pull pin (Pitonfix time was not yet officially known), ISO 50 ball (PKW).
Even then, at the company Scharmüller extensive accessory was available.
These combinations have become the standard for many manufacturers. Already 18 international patents are.

Creation of narrow coupling systems with integrated accessory. Change-over to CAD in the construction department.

New automatic clevis type - series A10 (pin Ø 31mm) and A11 (pin Ø 38mm)

Launch of the JSV system for heightadjustable ladderhitches. Combinations as they are state of the art today are developed.

Production of fast height-adjustable coupling hitches

1955 - 1979
Launch of a 6-way height-adjustable hitch.
Starting production of Pick-Up Hitch and early specialization in connecting devices.
First CNC-controlled coordinate table and special machines.

Despite the difficluties of the post-war years, Josef and Theresia Scharmüller built
a modern engineering company with a strong agricultural machinery sector - the production of the first coupling systems began.

The location Vöcklamarkt is historically kown as a blacksmith.