Terminy wystaw

Vöcklamarkter Wirtschafts- und Lehrlingsmesse

25.03.2023 - 26.03.2023
Sporthalle Vöcklamarkt

Open-door day Scharmüller Austria

Doppelmühle 14, A-4892 Fornach


1| Our vision – what we want to achieve

N°. 1 manufacturer for coupling systems in agricultural machinery.

2| Our mission – what we stand for

As a third-generation family business we create professional and innovative solutions for trailer couplings as well as vehicle systems and components – Scharmüller, a pull forward.

3| Our corporate values – what we build on

Our business culture is characterized by:

  • Flexibility
  • Down to earth & fairness
  • Competence & Reliability
  • Innovation & Tradition
  • Environmental protection & common sense

4| Our goals

We achieve our goals together:

  • Scharmüller as first choice (First Call)
  • Scharmüller stands for best quality from Austria
  • Scharmüller keeps deadlines
  • Scharmüller avoids any kind of waste